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Financing Accounts Receivale Book


book on account receivable financing


Financing Accounts Receivable

for Retirement and Asset Protection


Accounts receivable financing is one of today’s hottest marketed business strategies. It involves borrowing against your receivables on an interest-only basis and then investing   the proceeds in a tax-deferred annuity or life insurance product. The first goal is to successfully arbitrage the simple interest you pay on the loan against the compounded growth within the annuity or life insurance product to increase your retirement funding. The second goal is to remove the value of the accounts receivable away from the reach of business creditors and place it into an asset protected environment.


But are these goals really met? Yes or No, depending on how the program is structured. Not all accounts receivable financing programs are alike and, as you may find out too late, nobody looks out for your interests in these transactions. Financing Accounts Receivable for Retirement and Asset Protection presents a candid look at the subject, including the mechanics of such programs, economic underpinnings, asset protection and tax issues. An overview of the types of annuities and life insurance products used in accounts receivable financing is included, plus information on alternative programs, factoring and finding the right program for you.



Beware High Interest Rates!
Accounts receivable financing programs make no economic sense if your cost of borrowing money exceeds 7%. If you have been sold into an A/R financing program where the initial rate exceeded 7% then you may have been defrauded by whoever sold you into the program. Click Here for more information on recovering damages for being sold into an A/R financing program with a high interest rate.


Billing & Collection Company (BICOCO)
BICOCOThe more intelligent alternative to A/R financing in the BICOCO, which is specialized company that is inserted between a business and its customers to divert profits so that wealth does not build up in the business and thus become exposed to its creditors. The A/Rs of the business are more strongly protected than by an A/R program, and there is no loan involved or any loan interest payments to be made. The BICOCO is particularly useful for professionals in high-risk occupations.

Part I: The Process

Ch 1 –The Hidden Asset
Ch 2 – Transaction Economics
Ch 3 –Retirement Planning
Ch 4 – Asset Protection
Ch 5 – Financing Under Fire
Ch 6 – The Players
Ch 7 – Tax Considerations

Part II: Annuities

Ch 8   – Introduction to Annuities
Ch 9   – Fixed & Single Premium annuities
Ch 10 – Equity Indexed Annuities

Part III: Life Insurance

Ch 11 – Introduction to Life Insurance
Ch 12 – Term Life Insurance
Ch 13 – Whole Life Insurance
Ch 14 – Universal Life Insurance

Ch 15 – Equity Indexed Life Insurance

Part IV: Other Considerations

Ch 16 – Structured Solutions
Ch 17 – Factoring
Ch 18 – Finding the Right Program For You

Additional Information

Appendix “A” – NAIC Consumer Alert: Tips for Buying Life Insurance
Appendix “B” – NAIC Consumer Alert: Avoid Deceptive Sales Practices
Appendix “C” – NASD Investor Alert: Equity Indexed Annuities
Appendix “D” – Rule 11(d)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
Accounts Receivable and Inventory Financing Comptroller's Handbook (pdf)
Publication by the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks: Describes the fundamentals of accounts receivable and inventory financing (ARIF), and summarizes ARIF risks and discusses how a bank can prudently manage these risks.

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